Habits that kill your phone’s battery

  1. Leaving your phone in extreme temperatures: Leaving your phone in very hot or very cold temperatures can affect your battery’s performance. Try to keep your phone in a moderate temperature to prevent unnecessary battery drain.
  2. Not optimizing your phone’s settings: Your phone may have power-saving settings that you’re not using. Check your phone’s settings to see if there are any options that can help you conserve battery life.
  3. Allowing your phone to completely discharge: Allowing your phone’s battery to completely discharge can reduce its overall lifespan. Try to keep your phone’s battery level above 20% and recharge it before it gets too low.
  4. Charging your phone too often: Overcharging your phone can damage its battery and reduce its overall lifespan. Try to avoid charging your phone overnight or for extended periods of time.
  5. Using counterfeit or third-party chargers: Using counterfeit or third-party chargers can damage your phone’s battery and reduce its overall lifespan. Stick with the charger that came with your phone or purchase an official replacement from the manufacturer.

For normal usage, these habits will also drain the battery very fast:

  1. Keeping your screen brightness too high: Keeping your screen brightness at full or high levels can significantly drain your phone’s battery. Consider adjusting your phone’s brightness settings to a lower level to conserve battery life.
  2. Running too many apps in the background: Running multiple apps in the background can consume a lot of battery power. Close the apps that you’re not using to save battery life.
  3. Using power-hungry apps: Some apps are more power-hungry than others. Streaming video, playing games, and using GPS navigation are just a few examples of apps that can consume a lot of battery power. Use these apps sparingly or plug in your phone to recharge.
  4. Keeping Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS turned on: Keeping your phone’s Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS turned on can drain your phone’s battery quickly. Turn off these features when you’re not using them to save battery life.
  5. Using animated wallpapers and live widgets: Animated wallpapers and live widgets may look cool, but they can also consume a lot of battery power. Switch to static wallpapers and widgets to save battery life

Here are a few reasons to consider getting yourself a pre-owned gadget

Have you ever considered buying pre-owned gadget on Amazon or anywhere else? Here are a few reasons this might actually be a good idea

  1. Sustainability: Buying pre-owned products helps reduce waste by giving new life to items that would otherwise end up in a landfill. It’s an environmentally friendly choice that can make a positive impact on the planet.
  2. Unique Finds: Pre-owned products on Amazon can include rare or hard-to-find items that may not be available as new products. You may be able to find unique and interesting items that you wouldn’t have found otherwise.
  3. Quality: Some pre-owned products may have been gently used or even never used at all, so they can be in excellent condition. Plus, sellers are required to accurately describe the condition of the product, so you can have a good idea of what you’re buying.
  4. Trustworthy Platform: Amazon is a reputable and trusted marketplace, which means you can buy pre-owned products with confidence. Amazon provides a 30-day return policy for most pre-owned products, allowing you to return the item if it does not meet your expectations or if it arrives in a condition different from what was described by the seller.
  5. Cost Savings: Pre-owned products are often sold at a lower price compared to new products. This can be a great way to save money while still getting a product that is in good condition.